Cannazon: Vendor Information

One of the main ideas of Cannazon is a solid base of vendors you can trust. If you are a vendor already experienced with the Darknet, we would love to see you vending on Cannazon.

Please understand that we have high requirements to our vendors to be able to keep up the high quality we offer all the customers at Cannazon.

We expect a high level of both product and service quality from our vendors. Only vendors who know their product and have a professional appearance will be accepted as vendors. Please understand that your customers are the key to your and also our success. That is why we will offer them the best experience they can have on the Darknet. The journey for the customer starts a great marketplace, includes a professional consulting by a vendor and ends with a secure and high quality product delivery.

We will take the following information into account when deciding about your application. Please understand that there are no "hard" requirements like a certain rating on other markets. The overall appearance is what matters.

  • Product portfolio
  • Product descriptions and images
  • Total orders on other markets
  • Ratings on other markets
  • Feedback on forums
  • Professionalism in messages
  • Not based in the US

Along with complying with our market rules, please follow these rules:

  • Treat your customers data as if it would be your own
  • Do not advertise for your own shop or direct dealing
  • Answer your customers messages within at least two days
  • Keep your product stock and vacation mode up to date
  • Follow high standards regaring packaging and shipping

If you think you meet the mentioned requirements, feel free to submit your application. Please include all information that might be necessary like names on other markets and a short introduction in your application. You can submit your application here.

There are two reasons we demand a vendor bond of $250.

One is to protect our customers of loosing money due to lost disputes of a vendor and no agreed solution. This would probably only happen in case of a vendor scamming.

The other reason is simply have some initial hurdle for joining Cannazon as a vendor. So if you are not able to raise $250, you should overthink your general Darknet activities.

If you should decide to stop vending on Cannazon somedays you will receive your vendor bond back with the closure of your account.

If you do not now what Finalize Early (FE) is, learn here more about it.

We strongly do not recommend to use Finalize Early due to security reasons. However, if you are a trusted vendor on our market, you are allowed to request FE from your customers.

To honor the best vendors on Cannazon, some will get the status "trusted". This status will be visible to your customer on your product pages or your vendor page.

Trusted vendors have some benefits on Cannazon. For example, the use of FE orders is allowed (although we do not recommend to use it due to trust and security reasons).

We will decide individually if you meet the requirements for becoming a trusted vendor. Please contact us with a support ticket, if you think you might meet the requirements and consider yourself as one of the best vendors.

As we want to let top vendors participate from Cannazon´s success, there is a level systems. Your level is based on points which you get with every successful order or with ratings. With a negative rating you will loose points. Your vendor level is displayed on your vendor dashboard. You can see the different point awards here:

Order completed + order value in $ * 2 points
Positive rating + order value in $ points
Negative rating - order value in $ * 5 points
Lost dispute - order value in $ * 10 points
The vendor fee is directly dependent on your level. Here is an overview of level ranges and fees:

Level Points Needed Fee
1 0 5.75%
2 6.000 5.50%
3 20.000 5.25%
4 35.000 5.00%
5 70.000 4.75%
6 120.000 4.50%
7 200.000 4.25%
8 330.000 4.00%
9 500.000 3.75%
10 1.000.000 3.50%
11 1.900.000 3.25%
12 3.500.000 3.00%
13 6.000.000 2.75%
14 10.000.000 2.50%
15 16.000.000 2.25%

In addition to the market fee, transaction costs have to be considered. These are equivalent to the costs of one transaction in either Bitcoin or Monero.