Cannazon: All about packaging

You probably wonder how your order might be packaged to not arise any suspicion. Over the years, the vendors have perfected this to avoid the loss of packages.

If you have any concerns, please contact your vendor directly. Please understand that the vendors will not reveal too much information about the used packaging due to security reasons.

For the safe delivery of your orders the packaging is very important. Especially for products that could arise suspicion due to the smell. Therefore, all of the vendors at Cannazon will offer good stealth for their orders.

Stealth is used to make the package appear as normal as possible and also conceal the smell of the content. There are various ways for doing this and your vendor will know how to do it for his products.

For international orders which might be inspected, decoys in the package are also important. These are used to hide the real product from inspections.