Cannazon: Intercepted Packages

Please be patient with all orders as it might be totally normal for a package to get delayed. As a next step please ask your vendor for further information.

Every order has an auto-finalization date. This is the date on which the order will automatically finalize and the vendor will receive your money. It is important to never let your order auto-finalize (or finalize) before your item is delivered. To extend the auto-finalization date you can click on "extend auto-finalization" on the order detail page. If it still does not arrive in time , you will need to open a dispute before the end of this date.

Possible causes for your order not being delivered, are spelling your address wrongly, forgetting parts of the address or not using your real name. So please do always double check the shipping information you send to the vendor.

A Controlled Delivery is an attempt from law enforcement to knowingly deliver the order to you and taking this as a reason for a search of your home.

There is normally no sign a CD can be detected beforehand. The risks to get a CD are higher when ordering large amounts internationally. If law enforcement searches your home after a CD, they will be looking for other illegal substances and packaging material from former orders. Do not talk to the police to not incriminate yourself. Do only communicate through your lawyer.

To protect yourself from a CD watch out for any irregularities from former orders. For example, a package did not arrive or was opened. It is also very important to not have any illegal items at your house, as it will be very hard for law enforcement to convict you if you are an innocent person got drugs randomly delivered to his door.

A monitored delivery means law enforcement knowingly delivers drugs to you under surveillance and is much rarer than a controlled delivery. Law enforcement will do this to build strong cases against suspects like drug distributors.

You can hardly protect yourself against this method. However, ordering in unpredictable intervals will make it more complicated for law enforcement. Please do also note that a monitored delivery might even be not a legal method for law enforcement in your country.

A love letter is a letter from the postal service which will let you know that they have seized your package. However, they will not investigate further due to missing resources or a too small order volume.

Once you get some kind of love letter, do not use your address for any orders again as it is probably being watched.

Love letters are normally only send for international orders. For domestic orders the normal process will be a controlled delivery.