Cannazon: Shipping Information


Please note that all the information in this section is generalised. Depending on your country different methods and laws may apply.

You do probably wonder how you will receive the goods that may not be entirely legal in some countries.

Luckily, this will be no problem as shipping the goods with normal postal services brings probably less risk than buying from your local supplier. You just have to follow some basic advices which we will cover in the next chapters.

As your goods will be packaged with good stealth, postal services will have nearly no chance detecting these packages. See here for more information about packaging.

The vendor will either ship domestically or internationally. Please be aware that the longer the journey of the package is, the greater the risk of loosing the package will be.

So in the end, there will be basically no difference between packages delivered from Cannazon or Amazon. Follow these basic rules to make your shipping more safe:

  • Refrain from ordering more than one package at a time
  • Use your real name and a correct address
  • Do not order to your parents house (too many things can happen)
  • When ordering for the first time, order from a domestic vendor
  • Do not check tracking information, as it will leave a trace (unless necessary)
  • Dispose the packaging not with your household waste

As said before, the vendor will either ship domestically or internationally. Therefore, your package might arrive on the next day or only after weeks. For the exact shipping times, please have a look at the shipping times the vendor is offering. You will also see the shipping time during the checkout process.

For more detailed information, please contact the vendor of your choice directly.

You can see if a vendor ships to your country from list of "Shipping To" countries displayed on the vendor or product page. If you are not sure about it, please contact the vendor directly.

With the filtering options on Cannazon you can easily filter for products that are delivered to your country.

The main idea when ordering on the Darknet, is to stay anonymous. Wouldn´t it be completely insane to tell someone your real name, especially in the context of an order? You might think so, but it will be necessary and not really problematic.

All of our vendors have experience with selling on the Darknet and will treat your data with highest sensitivity. Your shipping information like your name will be only used for shipping the packages. Afterwards it will not be stored anywhere. Besides this, you will encrypt your personal information with PGP. This way, only the vendor will be able to decrypt your message. Learn here how to use PGP.

Besides this, in the case your package gets intercepted, no one will be able to proof that you ordered the goods yourself. Same as you can order illegal goods in the name of anyone, everyone else could do it and let it deliver to your address.

Using a fake name will raise more suspicion than anything else. There might be automatic checks detecting irregularities and finally your postal men wondering about the package.

Summarised, use your real name for deliveries to your home address or a corresponding one for deliveries to your drop.

As already mentioned in the last chapter anyone can deliver packages using your real name. There is no proof that you ordered the package yourself, if you follow our general security advices. The same applies for your home address.

You can also decide not ordering to your home address. You will then need some kind of a drop, the package can be delivered to not in your name. For example, a post box registered on your name is not considered as a drop location.

Using a real drop location will bring much effort, we consider not being worth it. You will first have to have access to a location like a house where no one is living in or using it. You will have to make it look normal. This will include doing garden work, cleaning and also letting the neighbors not getting suspicious. All of this has to be done without anyone remembering your face.

When it comes to delivery, you have to order normal packages along with your Darknet packages to make it look normal for the postman. This would be an rather complex drop. There are other options and everyone will have other possibilities setting up a good drop.

However, remember always to protect your privacy and not raising any suspicion with your drop. An easier possibility might be a post box registered on someone else, so just be creative.

Depending on the vendor´s shipping options, they will offer tracking for the shipment.

Our general advice on this is that you should not check it unless it is really necessary. When you check the tracking information you will leave traces for the postal service. If your package does not arrive, please contact the vendor in the first place.

If your have to check the tracking information due to some circumstances, do not use Tor as this will raise suspicion. Instead use a public WiFi or VPN that is not tied to your identity to check for the tracking information.

It can happen that your order is not being shipped directly after being accepted by the vendor. Some vendors do only ship on certain days of the week or the shipment preparation does simply take some time. However, the vendor has to ship the order at the latest after 4 days after accepting it. After this time the order will be canceled automatically and you will be refunded. If you have any questions, please contact your vendor directly.