Cannazon: Other Tips

One important topic about your security are your payments with cryptocurrencies. Please see our payment chapter for more information here.

JavaScript is a programming language used by your browser. On most websites it is needed for all that fancy stuff you see on websites such as images with animations. It is also needed for almost everything that is used for tracking you on the web. As it is running in your local browser, JavaScript has access to sensitive information like your screen size, operating system and many other things.

That is why JavaScript should be disabled by default in the Tor browser. And you should leave it disabled. Cannazon does not need JavaScript at all and many other hidden services do also not need JavaScript to function properly.

You probably use Tails on a USB flash drive with your laptop. There are some general tips to follow:

  • Never leave Tails running unlocked when you are not in front of your laptop
  • Never write down your passwords as law enforcement might find them
  • Never give anyone else access to your laptop running tails, as you do not know what they are doing
  • If someone unknown enters your room pull out your USB flash drive as it might be law enforcement