Cannazon: Ratings

Ratings are a great way to appreciate the quality of the vendor´s services and products. Please contribute to this system by submitting a rating after each order. If you have too many unrated and completed orders, you have to submit a rating for these before creating a new order. You should consider the following criteria for a rating:

  • Shipping time
  • Packaging (especially the stealth)
  • Product delivered as described
  • Communication with the vendor
  • Polluted product, e.g. weed with extenders.

The following should not be taken in account:

  • Price
  • Product quality regarding its effect and taste, as it is experienced subjectively
  • Anything related to the market

Please do only rate an order as negative if you had severe problems. Every vendor will try to find a suitable solution for you. It sometimes happens that an order got lost, but this is the risk of shipping which does not depend on the vendor or the market.

Besides the rating from the buyer, which is publicly visible for everyone, the vendors do also rate their buyers.

You can see the rating from your vendor on the order detail page of the corresponding order. If there is no rating yet, it means the vendor did not submit one yet.

By this, buyers can earn trust and build up a good profile for themselves, as the ratings from vendors can also be seen by other vendors.

No, you can not change the ratings of your orders after submitting them. In case of problems or accidentally false information, please contact support.