Cannazon: Order problems

First, please be patient. There are a lot of orders which get delayed due to delivery problems. The first thing you should do is to extend the auto-finalize date by 5 days.

This can be done easily on the order detail page. Please note that you can only extend the auto-finalize date once per order. Have a look here to get more information about order finalization.

Please do also contact the vendor directly and open a dispute before the auto-finalize timer and the package has not been delivered yet.

You can dispute an order if there is any problem with it that can not be solved together with the vendor. For example your order does not arrive or the wrong product was shipped. Please note that it will not be possible to start a dispute after the order was marked as received or has been finalized automatically.

A dispute does also pause the auto-finalize timer of the order. However, if not already extended please extend the auto-finalize date manually on the order detail page if your order is simply delayed.

In the dispute message, please explain briefly the problem with the order. It is easier for Cannazon and the vendor to solve the problem with all needed information at hand.

After opening the dispute Cannazon staff will have a look at it and assist you with all needs. The vendor will also be able to see the dispute and comment in the dispute.


As a buyer you will be able to cancel an order until the vendor accepts it.

Sometimes it is necessary to cancel a order. You can cancel an order by yourself until the vendor accepts the order. After this, your money will be refunded automatically to your refund address. Please make sure your refund address in your account settings is always up to date.

An unaccepted order will be canceled automatically after 3 days. If an order is not shipped within 4 days it will also be canceled automatically. You will probably get a message from the vendor why the order has been canceled, if not just ask your vendor.