Cannazon: How to order

You are probably visiting Cannazon because you would like to buy cannabis products. We can definitely help you with that. However, before placing your order, you have to decide which product or products from which vendor you would like to buy.

As lots of different products from different vendors are offered, this choice might not be that easy. First, you can choose a product category that is interesting for you or apply some filters. For example, you can filter for all the products that would be shipped to your country by selecting the destination country in the “Shipping To” filter.

The product preview boxes do always show the first variant of a product. Navigate to the product page to have a look at the other variants of a product.

When selecting a product you would like to buy, do always also have a look at the vendor, selling the product. Read the vendor description and have a look at the ratings of the vendor at the vendor detail page by clicking on the vendor name.

You can also ask a question about a specific product on the product detail page that will be answered by the vendor. Besides this, you can also contact the vendor directly to ask questions.

When you have finally decided on which product you would like to buy, continue with the next section to place your order.


To place an order it is necessary to maintain a refund address and a public PGP key. You can find more information about payment here and about PGP here.

The order process on Cannazon is made really simple. If you have chosen a product you want to order, have a look at the next steps.

  1. Choose a product, its variant, the needed quantity and a shipping option. Click on “Add to cart”.
  2. [Optional] You will be redirected to your shopping cart. You can add more products to your cart or change e.g. the currency by clicking “Update”.
  3. When you are finished with shopping, continue to checkout by clicking the “Proceed to Checkout”  button.
  4. Read and accept the rules of the vendor and enter your shipping information as described here. Place your order.
  5. The payment information will be displayed. Transfer the coins as described here for Monero or here for Bitcoin.
  6. After the payment transaction is confirmed the vendor will accept and ship the order. Make sure to not let the auto-finalize timer run out before the package arrives as described here. Once you received your order, you should mark it as received.
  7. As a last step leave a rating for the order.

Congratulations, you have made your first order on Cannazon. If there are any questions unanswered have a look at the other chapters of our documentation or contact your vendor directly. For technical problems please open a support ticket.

How to order

If you want to order products from multiple vendors, you can add products from different vendors to your shopping cart at the same time.

During the order creation, one order for each vendor will be created. Therefore, you do also have to pay the single orders separately. Do also note that only one shipping option for each vendor during one order process is allowed.

As the order payment process is not that simple we will explain it here briefly. For specific questions about Monero or Bitcoin payment have a look at our payment guide.

At the first step of the order payment you will send your coins to an individual Monero or Bitcoin address. This is the same process for each order regardless of escrow or FE orders.

For FE orders, the coins will be directly transmitted to vendor when he ships the order. The payment process for the order is already done here.

For normal escrow orders the process looks a bit different here. The coins of a Monero order will simply stay on the Cannazon wallet until you will mark the order as received or the order finalizes automatically.

The coins of a Bitcoin order will be moved to a 2of2 or 2of3 Bitcoin multisig address when the vendors accepts the order as described here. When the order is marked as shipped, finalizes automatically or e.g. a refund during a dispute is issued, Cannazon signs a transaction which moves the coins from the multisig address to the destination address. A normal Bitcoin multisig order would look like this:

Your local wallet ▸ One-time Cannazon address ▸ Multisig address ▸ Vendor wallet (with signed multisig transaction)

Please be aware that you have to pay within 20 minutes. After 20 minutes the amount to be payed for the order will be recalculated. So please make sure to always pay the exact amount within the requested time and have a look at our payment guide.

Freely accepted vendor terms and conditions are usually honored. During a dispute, Cannazon has the authority to issue a veto to determine whether or not the terms of the vendor are fair.

Please make sure to read the rules and product description carefully before placing your orders. In case of questions contact your vendor directly.