Cannazon: All about finalization

When speaking of finalizing an order it is meant to close this order and in most times to mark the order as received. This is important as the vendor will get paid with this step in an escrow payment system.

As said before, the vendor will receive your payment after you finalize the order. For a general payment explanation do also have a look here.

Because some customers are totally busy and enjoy their received order, they may not mark the order as received after receiving it. Therefore, there is an auto-finalize timer for each order. When this auto-finalize timer runs out, the order will be finalized automatically and the vendor will receive the payment. This timer will be set to the estimated shipping time + two days by default.

Do not worry, if your order gets delayed due to delivery problems. You can easily extend the auto-finalize date by 5 days at the order page once. Within this step please contact your vendor directly to check if there are maybe some known problems.


Always open a dispute before the auto-finalize timer runs out to find a solution. During a dispute the funds are safely locked until it is solved.

Finalize Early, or short FE, means that as soon as the vendor marks the order as shipped, the funds will be transferred to the vendor. This means that the order will not be protected by escrow if something goes wrong. Cannazon will also not be able to help you as we have no access to the funds which are already transferred to the vendor.


Be aware of the risk of Finalize Early orders and prefer escrow if you can.

However, only trusted vendors can offer FE on Cannazon. By this, the risk of problems with a FE order are kept minimal. All these trusted vendors are highly reliable and will help you in case of problems.

There are several reasons for vendors to request FE, like their risk to loose money e.g. due to currency volatility. Some vendors do also offer overweight or have some special FE offers to share their advantages of FE.

FE is only allowed for trusted vendors on Cannazon and available as a payment method.

Asking for FE during an escrow order as a non-trusted vendor is strongly forbidden. It is a clear violation of the Cannazon marketplace rules. Please report vendors who ask you to do finalize your order before receiving it.